A Practical Example of Implementing a GIS-based Pipeline Management System
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Magnus Achtermann
Magnus Achtermann
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As a trans-regional gas pipeline network operator embedded in the European grid ONTRAS operates the second-largest high pressure pipeline network in Germany. The length of its network stretches over 7,000 km and includes integrated measurement and control plants, compressor and pigging stations and cathodic corrosion protection facilities.  

In recent years ONTRAS has implemented an extensive condition-monitoring plan to repair and rehabilitate its existing pipelines and assets. This plan observes the general organisational conditions “trascuePIMS” required for condition-monitoring IT- systems. In 2009 “trascuePIMS” was expanded to ensure technical and temporal transparency for activities in the system rehabilitation tracking system. Simultaneously the rehabilitation tracking system was also upgraded to include functions for activity and cost planning.  

Based on these IT-systems ONTRAS is currently developing an extensive Pipeline Management System to optimise the strategic planning of rehabilitating and maintaining pipelines while ensuring the secure operation thereof.

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