ONTRAS is a trans-regional gas transmission system operator in the European grid system. We operate Germany’s second-largest high pressure pipeline network, over 7,200 km in length. With our efficient natural gas logistics and a competent team, we are a reliable partner for transmission customers, traders, downstream network operators and biogas producers.

All previous conference papers from this company:
Topic Presenter Conference
How to transform the gas infrastructure to incorporate hydrogen Dr. Niko Bosnjak Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
DVGW TSM, G1000 Regulation’s Impact on Qualification and Development using the example of ONTRAS Peggy Zeppei Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Implementation of the DVGW Technical Safety Management at ONTRAS Gastransport Peggy Zeppei Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Safety in building and routing high-pressure pipelines Ulrich Hoffmann Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Technical safety and welding simulation of welding work on high-pressure gas pipelines in operation Andreas Raschke Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Biogas into the natural gas grid: Challenges for the design, construction and operation of biogas feeding plants Steffen Wiedmer Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Strategic Analysis and Planning of Pipeline Assets – Methods and Tools Wolfram Günther Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
A Practical Example of Implementing a GIS-based Pipeline Management System Magnus Achtermann Pipeline Technology Conference 2010