Strategic Analysis and Planning of Pipeline Assets – Methods and Tools
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Wolfram Günther
Wolfram Günther, Jens Focke
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ONTRAS is a trans-regional gas transmission system operator in the European grid system and operates Germany’s second-largest high pressure pipeline network, over 7,200 km in length. Today the implementation of a Pipeline Integrity Management System in combination with a straight maintenance strategy can be considered crucial for operating a pipeline network efficiently. But decisions regarding the future development of a pipeline network cannot just be made based on a single maintenance and rehabilitation strategy. There are internal and external policy guidelines, multinational capacity demands plan and economic measures that need to be considered for optimal pipeline development decisions. Ontras has implemented a pipeline management software that supports strategic analysis and planning of our network. We use pipeline condition and other data to elaborate possible demand of future rehabilitation and asset structure changes. Together with its visualization and reporting capabilities, we like to demonstrate how the system helps Ontras to make optimal business decisions for asset strategies. The implementation of technical demands had been done in a complex IT-environment in conjunction with Geographic Information Technology and a Pipeline Integrity Management System and is accessible via a web-based infrastructure. The paper will demonstrate the implementation strategy, solutions and business benefits.

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