DVGW TSM, G1000 Regulation’s Impact on Qualification and Development using the example of ONTRAS
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Peggy Zeppei
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DVGW's Technical Safety Management (TSM) provides an industry-specific solution for achieving and checking organisational safety. TSM was developed specifically to ensure proper gas and water supply and is therefore the means of choice if a utility company wants to minimise its liability risks with regard to its organisational structure and process organisation and to consolidate the security of action for employees and managers. It is a voluntary system to support autonomous action and at the same time strengthen the competence of the technical self-governance in Germany. The Technical Rule G1000 is part of the DVGW TSM. It is about Requirements on Qualification and Organisation of companies operating gas supply systems.

The presentation explains the requirements of the Technical Rule G1000, refers to the application in practice and the resulting questions as well as the usefulness of such an instrument for gas network operators. With the introduction of the G1000, possible deficits in the qualification of the personnel and organization of the company should be systematically identified and eliminated.

The rule G1000 considers the qualification and further education of technical executives and technical staff. It also stresses a clear allocation of responsibility and powers between the involved parties.  ONTRAS realizes the various requirements with coherent internal rules and monitored overviews.

Besides the qualification and further education of internal staff, G1000 focusses on criteria for service providers of companies in the gas sector as well. As ONTRAS instructs several service provider, it also has developed and implemented a comprehensive system to manage and monitor the service provider, fulfilling the requirements. This starts already before a tender or an order is placed.

As mentioned before, the G1000 is part of the DVGW TSM and its success depends on a functioning overall system, well adapted to the business and processes of the company.