Reasons to implement an enterprise Work Management solution for proving auditing acceptability

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05 Sep 2016
Jens Focke
Jens Focke
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More and more operational issues of maintenance and monitoring activities for complex facilities and pipelines are outsourced to external providers or plant/work managers working remotely. In all cases, a delayed process creates contradictory information about the actual status in operational duties, commercial accounting and up-to-date planning activities. In most cases, the accounting problem becomes obvious close to year’s end, starting budgeting processes on more or less reliable numbers. Companies have implemented different information and billing systems to control daily work, but normally none of these systems are open for direct access for external staff to update information needed for the above-named processes. In three cases this kind of communication and information flow will become problematic: - Budgeting processes based on planned, done and accounted-for issues, - Commissioning and technical approval at projects’ end, - Burden of proof in case of damages or reportable events. The report will illustrate an integration approach, proven by existing projects, where the need is understood to be up-to-date and informed about own operational obligations and activities in case of damage and legal examination. Events in the near past – damages in the pipeline and nuclear industry – have shown that gaps in the operational process were not transparent enough to avoid subsequent catastrophes.

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