Pipeline Integrated Management Systems - An Integrated Model
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Dr. Malcolm Toft
Dr. M. Toft, D. Keen, A. Fuller
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Integrity management is not a piece of software, or documentation, but a set of arrangements for structuring pipeline integrity activity in order to optimise safe and economical asset performance. The range of international pipeline integrity management standards such as IS CEN TS 15173 & 15174, BS PD 8010 Part 4, ASME B31.8S and API 1160 etc. have many features in common, and we have distilled these into a single, integrated model. Our harmonised model covers the key aspects of pipeline integrity policies and objectives, management and organisation, risk and quality assurance, design, procurement, construction and commissioning, operations, inspection and maintenance, emergency response, recovery and repair, incident investigation and reporting, document and data management, change control, legal and code compliance, review and audit. We present this integrated model, and share lessons learnt from our experiences in successfully applying it through audit, gap analysis and system development with numerous operators around the world.

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