Utilization of Robotic Technology for Assessing Internal Pipeline Condition During Construction - An Optimized Inspection Approach
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Rakan Alshebel
Rakan Alshebel, Faisal Al-Mutahhar, Isa Almudaibegh, Raed Al-Najdi, Wasim ALKABOUR
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One of the major challenges encountered during cross-country pipelines construction is water flooding at wadi (valley) areas. Remediation of such challenge acquires intensive maintenance and inspection efforts that can result in millions of dollars unnecessary spends, in addition to anticipated delays in the project schedule. Saudi Aramco experienced flooding issues in 24 km of new 56” pipeline as part of Master Gas System (MGS) expansion project. A comprehensive integrity assessment was conducted following a novel inspection approach to assess the external coating and pipeline internal conditions to verify corrosion presence and other mechanical damages. This approach included utilization of several inspection techniques and technologies such as visual inspection, manual UT, and other advanced technologies. One of the solutions was deploying a state-of-art wireless robot for pipe’s internal inspection using advanced laser mapping and imaging of the internal surface for supporting condition assessment and fitness for service studies. As a result, this approach has successfully optimized the engineering and inspection efforts by 75% and supported meeting project critical schedules.

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