Example of the Effect of Sudden Overpressure in Piping System
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Ahmed R. AlMutairi
Ahmed AlMutairi, Hamad Alalwani
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Overpressurized pipe lines could lead to a serious or fatal injuries. The overpressure wave will move the pipe out of its supporting system in unexpected way. This paper shares our experience with two different pipes failures giving people awareness and understanding of the risk associated with such kind of failures. Also, the way to mitigate such failure. The first incident occurs when an inlet ZV on a 12” pipe was opened manually with high Delta Pressure across the valve without opening the ZV equalizer line. This generated a high pressure waive on the pipe moved the pipe from its supports and collided with the adjacent pipe. The collision left a high to moderate damages in both pipes and the supporting system. The other incident resulted after a check valve failure between high pressure and low pressure piping systems. One of the joints in the low pressure section failed and the pipe moved 180 degree from its original position and hits the ground with huge force left a deep mark in the ground. The intent of this paper is to give the manufacturers and designers a falvor of the Operation chanleges.