Investigation of the influence on the heat transferred from a pipeline to the ground due to the presence of adjacent pipelines using Finite Element Method
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Dr. Chuan Cheng
Daniel Fuertbauer, Dr. Chuan Cheng
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Based on an existing pipeline system with several buried pipelines running in parallel in the same pipeline corridor, it was the purpose of this study to investigate how the heat loss of a pipeline is influenced by the presence of one or two (one on each side) adjacent pipelines by means of finite element method (FEM). For the calculation of the heat loss between a buried pipeline and the surrounding soil, the shallow burial model is used in most pipeline simulation software. The strong simplification in this model was corrected by two-dimensional FEM simulation, considering both the seasonal temperature fluctuation and the influence of adjacent hot pipes. The determinant factors for the reduction of the heat emitted from a pipeline to the ground due to the presence of adjacent lines are described and discussed in this work. The ambient ground temperature is considered to be the appropriate linkage parameter to be used in pipeline energy balance.

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