Multidisciplinary landslide assessment – a systematic and practicable approach for pipeline projects
Dr. Christoph Prager
Christoph Prager, Christoph Ladenhauf, Ludwig Schwarz, Thomas Strauhal, Stefan Unterrader
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Ground movements, with the clear majority being landslides, have caused several pipeline incidents worldwide in recent years. This, and experiences obtained from major engineering projects, shows that a detailed approach for the assessment of landslides is essential. A best-practice multidisciplinary workflow, based on systematic terrain analyses, has been applied in recent projects, each comprising a large variety of landslide assessments. The suggested approach is based on detailed landslide inventory databases and maps, susceptibility analyses, as well as landslide hazard assessments and risk classifications. The outcome of this workflow is a project-specific landslide priority register, which provides a sound basis for decision-making, for planning hazard management and for assessing the potential costs and losses caused by landslide-related pipeline damages.

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