Innovative Repair Solutions for Piping, Pipeline and Riser

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24 Aug 2017
Rosman Arifin
Rosman Arifin
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PETRONAS is currently operating more than 10,000 km of offshore and onshore pipeline systems. More than 60% of the pipelines are ageing as they have been in operation for more than 25 years and require integrity assessments and life extension to sustain the future design life as well as to accommodate increases in oil and gas production. The life extension will require repair and rehabilitation as one of the important activities in order to sustain the extended service life and to meet the regulatory requirements. To satisfy this, PETRONAS has developed an innovative composite overwrap repair solution called ProAssureTM Wrap Extreme for repairing and rehabilitating offshore and onshore pipeline/piping. The repair system can be applied without the need of shutting down the pipeline and is capable of restoring the strength of the pipeline to its original design life. ProAssureTM Wrap Extreme composite overwrap repair system has been designed, qualified and tested according to ISO TS 24817; and its testing were witnessed by DNV Australia. ProAssureTM Wrap Extreme has key benefits of repealing water/moisture thus is also excellent as external corrosion protection; as well as the 4,500 salt spray test i.e. an important criteria for application at splash zone area for offshore riser and caisson. Its transverse shear strength and lap shear strength are greater than its competitors thus providing added advantage from the mechanical properties point of view of a complete repair system. From various applications performed thus far, PETRONAS has gained value creations of millions of dollars from avoiding shutting down its facilities as well as eliminating the need for facilities replacement.

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