Pipeline 3rd Party Threat and Geohazard Monitoring via Machine Learning
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M Fithri Azad A Azad
Swee Ling Koi, Naila Rusma Idris, M Syazwan Kamil Abdullah, Mohd Nazri Ahmad, Mohd Nazmi Mohd Ali Napiah, M Fithri Azad A Azad
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Third party encroachment and geotechnical hazards are among the major threats for onshore pipeline system and managing the risk is a real challenge to pipeline operators including PETRONAS.

Series of pipeline leak incidents and missing or loss of asset due to third party’s activities, soil movement or slope failure has caused major LOPC. If these threats are not properly managed, the consequences may lead to major catastrophe which impacts public safety, asset damage, financial loss and tarnish company’s reputation.

Aerial surveillance via helicopter or drone services with video capturing and LIDAR is typical inspection and monitoring program to manage third party intrusion and geotechnical hazards along onshore pipeline ROW. However, massive dataset produced by aerial inspection in the forms of video or images and manual interpretation involving massive datasets leading to lengthy process, involved many resources and prone to human error.

Predictive Analytics for Third Party Threat and Geohazard is an analytic tool developed in-house with objective to assist onshore pipeline operators to identify third party threats and determine geohazard score along pipeline right-of way (ROW).

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