Case study: TSO and environmental service provider collaborate to detect and quantify source-based methane emissions in compliance with OGMP Level 4
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Cindy Verhoeven
Cindy Verhoeven, Róbert Simigla
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OGMP members, such as the Hungarian TSO FGSZ, are committed to improving the understanding of their methane emissions performance. This is realized by using accurate emission data as a baseline and by defining a clear roadmap to reduce these methane emissions effectively. To reach this goal, FGSZ worked with environmental service provider Intero - The Sniffers to perform source-based measurements in compliance with OGMP Level 4.

In this paper, both FGSZ and Intero - The Sniffers will share the used source-based approach, the best practices, used measurement technologies, and actual project results. More specifically, we see that the High Flow Sampler (HFS) method has proven to be a highly accurate measurement technique to quantify detected methane emissions.

Since many OGMP members, including pipeline operators, are still carving out their path to reaching the Gold Standard, this paper will give them valuable insight into the proven methodologies, technologies, and best practices. This paper will offer valuable practical information since it focuses on an actual project.

This case study will be presented by both a representative from FGSZ and Intero - The Sniffers at the conference upon acceptance of this abstract.

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