Chemistry Matters - Hydrogen Compatibility with Gas Production Chemicals
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Dr. Caleb Clark
Caleb Clark, Geeta Rana, Ana Ferrer, Yolanda De Abreu, Matthew Trevino, Jeremy Bartels
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Hydrogen as a carbon-free fuel source can play a major role in the Energy Transition and hydrogen generated from natural gas represents an energy source that can be efficiently tapped with existing technology. While engineering companies have been proactively exploring the technical feasibility of mixing hydrogen with natural gas, there has been little attention paid to the technical viability of chemical technologies needed for mass production, distribution, and end use of hydrogen.

Natural gas production and transportation is often facilitated using chemical technologies that allow operators to manage technical challenges such as corrosion, compressor fouling and hydrate formation; however, there is no documented work on the compatibility of chemistries that will be applied in the presence of hydrogen. This work details the effects that hydrogenation reactions have on commonly used chemistries, to understand observed differences in chemical compatibility related to chemical structures and to explain the development of test methods and results obtained.

The fundamental understanding of chemical reactivity with hydrogen is vital for designing and applying chemical programs where hydrogen concentrations exist in production and transportation systems. Failure to recognize and properly mitigate these effects could render conventional treating programs ineffective or detrimental.

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