Measuring natural gas with a hydrogen content of up to 30 % using clamp-on ultrasonic technology
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Patrick Kalina
Patrick Kalina
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Measuring the flow of hydrogen is becoming increasingly important.

In most cases, conventional flow measurements such as inline ultrasonic flow measurements are used for this purpose.

These have the disadvantage that the sensors are constantly in contact with the aggressive hydrogen.

The non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter from Siemens is therefore a good alternative to conventional flow measurement.

With this technology, the sensors are mounted on the outside of the pipe and therefore have no contact with the medium.

In addition, the effort required for recalibration and verification is also significantly lower with a clamp-on system.
Unlike with a conventional flow meter, the entire measuring system does not have to be removed and sent in for recalibration, but only the sensors installed on the pipe.

In this presentation, the test results and challenges of measuring hydrogen with clamp-on are presented.

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