Siemens-Workshop "De-risking Solutions for Pipelines"
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Sanjeev Sinha
Sanjeev Sinha
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The following de-risking capabilities where the Main Machinery Automation and Electrical Contractor Concept impact positively the process of project implementation and operations are
  • Risk reduction through synergies.
  • Substantial project interfaces handling and de-risking.
  • Comprehensive service portfolio and service concept.
  • Reduces attrition risks for pipeline equipment and machinery & total cost of ownership.
  • Maintenance based on “single point of contact – SPOC” for the complete pipeline.
SIEMENS SCADA Demo presentation:
  • Availability (Diagnostics, Multiple Redundancy modes, Disaster Recovery, Split-Mode)
  • Data Integrity
  • Performance (Capacity, distributability)
  • Hierarchical system
  • Operator Interface, Alarm Management, Trend Facilities, Report Management, User Management, Web Functionality, Point of Control
  • Engineering
  • Data Base Features (Management and synchronization of Data Base)
  • Assets Management
  • Point of Control playing and test
  • Disaster Recovery System real tests
  • Local Point of Control tests