Pipeline Scada Virtualization - a Dream or Real Lifecycle Cost Saving
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Helmut Wimmer
Wimmer Helmut
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Modern pipeline scada systems usually comprise a multi hierarchical, distributed and high availability client - server based system. For such systems the design of high availability almost always results in several redundancies for software application and hardware installations that are located at various different geographical locations (pump stations, compressor stations, main and backup control centers). In the presentation it is shown how virtualization of server and operator stations can help the plant operator throughout the whole plant lifecycle to better utilize all available computing resource in shared configuration, how IT and telecom maintenance cost are reduced and the system is less impaired by short cycled hardware and operating system changes. Thus the savings can be of relevance for both greenfield and brownfield installations, furthermore existing functionality can be retained longer and extend the operational lifecycle. Examples are given for the engineering phase contributable to the base installation cost as well as reductions during customization, testing and setting operational (reduced engineering effort and engineering total time). Advantages are also discussed for training and simulation aspects as well as keeping the scada system online full system availability and initial designed redundancy whilst modifications can be tested or put into operation. Advantages are well proven nowadays and readily available and can be scoped into modernization approaches likewise to plant greenfield projects. An outlook is given to shared / service based installations which may take your plant and operations to even further savings.

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