Control Room Management (CRM)
Rafael Feldman
Eduardo Merçon, Rafael Feldman, Paulo Peres
Part of the proceedings of

TRANSPETRO is responsible for the logistics of moving crude oil, oil products, NG and biofuels across Brazil, through 52 tankers, 47 terminals and over 14,000 km of oil and gas pipelines. CNCL remotely operates 12 terminals and almost all pipelines, which involves 19 operational consoles and nearly 130 controllers highly qualified working in 8-hour shifts. In order to face this challenge by assuring operational excellence, in 2016 CNCL started to implement a CRM Program based on PHMSA/CRM rules and API RP 1168, currently achieving about 80% adherence to its requirements. This work aims to present the chalenge of implementation of this program, including work plan and evaluation methodology. At 2019 we are developing studies on mitigation of fatigue, how to handle distraction management and worload. Our research work included visits to various control center, including pipelines and other processes, like eolics and aviation. We are doing a refurbishiment in our Control Center, that will be concluded at end of March/2020, providing an area that enables integration between scheduling, operation and measurement activities. We are looking for the "Control Center of the future", with a view of best practices in operation(CRM, leak detection, alarm management, etc), architecture, ergonomics and Digital Transformation.


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