MAEC (Main Automation and Electrical Contractor) Pipeline project: advantages and challenges of the concept

Proceedings Publication Date:

15 Feb 2017
Dr. Andreas Helget
Dr. Andreas Helget
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The MAEC approach can help key customers, like Special Purpose Vehicles and National Oil Companies implement, install, commission, operate and carry out maintenance of automation and electrical scope for a Oil and Gas Pipelines. The MAEC approach helps improving the implementation time and overall reliability of the involved systems. SIEMENS has pioneered MAEC offerings for the last 10 years in the global pipeline market. They comprise an integrated solution consisting of a Supervisory System (henceforth called SCADA), telecom system, automation system, instrumentation system and security system. This work presents an actual implementation of a MAEC project with the benefits brought to the customer as well as some of the challenges encountered. Managing MAEC projects are primarily about managing risks in project implementation. The MAEC approach main goal is to enable secure timely Gas or Crude supplies by managing project risk and providing system integration for complex systems.

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