Object oriented implementation & maintenance of pipeline SCADA and Applications
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Martin te Lintelo
Martin te Lintelo, Eduard van Loenen
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For the operation of a pipeline being able to operate in a safe and reliable way are basic conditions. A SCADA system together with additional supporting pipeline applications like leak detection, metering, mass balancing, pump and compressor management and batch scheduling & tracking play a crucial role in enabling this and are part of a Pipeline Management System (PMS). Main KPIs for implementing and operating these systems are cost and risk. Although attempts have been made by pipeline operators to define an object oriented IT infrastructure for the PMS following the pipeline (grid) topology it seems that only partial solutions, which don’t use a common definition structure, have been developed. These developments seem to be driven from an IT perspective without including the required elements in the OT environment, but do come with the typical issues of an IT implementation. A crucial element in the PMS development would be having a configurable and truly object oriented SCADA environment following the physical pipeline (grid) topology with integrating standard pipeline applications and hence managing part of the crucial IT/OT integration. In this paper a development of such an environment is described. Elements like the conceptual setup, integrated functions, implementation methods, operational support and maintenance of the system incl. handling extensions of the pipeline (grid) are described together with the (perceived) advantages compared with more conventional approaches.

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