Digital communication supports construction safety and energy turnaround
Jens Focke
Jens Focke, Eva Benz
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Since the founding of BIL in 2015 German leading transmission companies have identified a new approach to become identified in planning and construction activities. Portal technology allows self-controlled identification by invisible geographic polygons being part of a nation- wide database to allow enquirers to check responsibility of operators. The internal responsibility check creates economic benefits by eliminating non-relevant enquires from the local operator.The completeness of all chemical, gas, oil and high-voltage transmission lines in the BIL-portal creates high interest of the construction industry to use the portal. The expectation of the operator is to get knowledge of all activities within their surrounding protection zones and to increase safety during construction activities Beside this initial approach high voltage transmission operators have identified an additional benefit in identifying operators of underground pipeline operators. They are effected by cathodic interference resulting from increase of capacities along the overhead transmission cables. Therefore knowledge of operators in between so called span fields of 45.000 mast-positions along the German transmission network need to become identified with a special reporting for further analysis. This way of cooperation between operators is working in regulated markets by cooperating in a non-profit manner to share business benefits. The operating portal entity is acting as a registered cooperative and owned by the operators. The idea of solidarity takes more members to gain in safety demands and operational benefits for operators of all media.

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