Digitalisation of Pipeline systems
Chad McGraw
Chad McGraw
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Digitalisation of Pipeline Systems

We propose presenting a paper on what digitalisation is, implementation techniques and the benefits operators can gain from the digital transformation of their current systems.

Discussion points

Digitalisation, from an industry perspective, is the integration of digital technologies into control room and business systems by the digitization of everything that can be digitised. But what does that mean? Looking at field data at Purdue level zero, we have digitising signals for the last thirty years (so, the basic principle is nothing new). Where the change has come, is where and how we use this data.

We will explore each component of a typical pipeline and look at how the digitisation process applies to that aspect, how the information is disseminated through to the control level and the concept of data-lakes and how we harvest the information in a meaningful and timely manner.

As margins are squeezed ever further, we will look at the benefits digitalisation can bring, including predictive maintenance, optimised maintenance scheduling, reduced turnaround programmes, faster fact-based business decisions, and improved remote operational capabilities.

We will look at the industry focus areas and how these are becoming aligned with digitisation and hence aiding the investment cases being prepared to support the implementation of the so-called ‘digital transformation’.

Finally, we will talk about the challenges faced by operators in bringing about such change and how these obstacles can be overcome with comprehensive transition planning and adoption of best practices including training and knowledge capture; ensuring valuable existing experience is retained. We will demonstrate how complementary technology can empower staff to combine the knowledge they have with powerful analytics made available through digitalisation, to make intelligent decisions leading to increased profitability with the knowledge the process is being managed with the highest level of safety and security.

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