Flexible Flowline Subsea Connection Conversion System
Giuseppe Rizzo
Giuseppe Rizzo
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Oceaneering International  (OII) has developed the technology to convert and retrofit diver assisted flexible flowline Subsea Connections to a ROV operated connection.

The Flexible Jumper Bridging Structure (FJBS) is used to connect 2 jumper ends with Grayloc® Remotely Operated Clamp Connector.

The system consists of the following parts i) Clamping frame , ii) Z tray assembly, iii) X tray Assembly , iv) frame and v) Frame assembly. The X & Z frames have been engineered in order to compensate the linear misalignment on both longitudinal and vertical orientations. ROV torque buckets are also included on the design to allow for ROV operations.

In order to ensure the integrity of the connections, OII solution adopts the field proven Grayloc® profile technology which is based upon a metal to metal sealing effect.

When installing the Grayloc® remotely operable clamp, preliminary activities as dredging and cutting are required. Consequently the FJBS will be deployed with replacement weak link installed. The flow line end fittings are then placed onto the Support Structure Clamp. The pull in cylinders can be activated to end of travel stops. Linear misalignments of up to ± 75 mm ( ± 3 inches) are then removed by operating on the X & Z frames. After having activated the Grayloc® clamp connectors and subsequent seal test on both ends, the Alignment Skids will be retrieved to surface.

Since its inception in 2016, the FJBS solution has been used on several projects, the second generation has been successfully installed in Trinidad during Q3 2018.

The FJBS is capable to accommodate different flow line sizes, thus reduces also the tooling required for each intervention.

The adoption of FJBS technology is an important step forward to improve late- life assets' profitability, as it eliminates diver assisted operations with a reduced CAPEX by end user.


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