A holistic approach to the integrity assessment of ageing sewer pipelines
Dr. Sameera Naib
Sameera Naib, Hector Hernandez Delgadillo, Frank Verkuijlen, Rudy Dijkstra
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Pipeline integrity assessment of sewer networks is an important part of the asset management process. The unfamiliarity with the technical condition and the lack of knowledge of the ageing pipeline is a concern. Knowing the current condition of these pipelines enhances repair/replacement decision-making processes. With the right tools and information, the asset owners and managers can perform the latter tasks reliably, safely and cost-effectively. 

To assess the integrity of the ageing sewer pipelines, specific sections in the region Limburg, Netherlands were studied. Firstly, a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RIE) procedure is undertaken to identify the functional and geographical risks in the pipeline. Thereafter, two different types of inspection techniques (coupon extraction and In-Line Inspection (ILI)) were conducted. Finally, based on the condition of the pipe and its joints, the remaining life was estimated. The results showed that several pipeline sections can continue to operate despite that they have reached their estimated operational lifetime. Few materials and operational aspects were seen which lead to a higher risk, requiring attention. Based on the combination of different tools and techniques, an effective holistic approach towards integrity assessment of the ageing sewer pipelines is presented.

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