Inspecting And Operating Extraordinary Pipeline: The Longest And The Most Challenging Subsea Pipeline In Indonesia
Dela Agung Septriady
Dela Agung Septriady, Widodo Budi Santoso
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Indonesia has established themselves as an important supplier of natural gas both globally and particularly in the Asia Pacific throughout the years.  The Eastern Java Gas Pipeline (EJGP) is a national strategic asset that has important role in Indonesia. It consists of  370 km, 28 inch diameter subsea pipeline which receives gas from central processing plant on Pagerungan Island.It delivers about 280 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to consumers located in East Java province. As Operator of open access Pipeline in Indonesia Pertamina Gas supporting the “gas highway concept” to attract more upstream player to monetize the discovered gas. Inspecting and operating become extraordinary since a lot off tie-in by the gas producer on the body of subsea pipeline. On 2012 company facing a great failure on ILI Inspection because of backpressure. The pressure on the upstream pipeline lower than in the midstream. Long distance gas pipeline with extremely low flow rate from central processing plant until first tie in, then increase drastically causing the gas speed ~9 m/s, Extremely long hours inspection are the inspection challenges that company have to overcome. The need of Inspection getting high when in 2020 Pagerungan field will be abandoned due to natural decreasing of the gas. Not mention There are 29 freespans found along the Pipeline. Rectification is required at these freespans to maintain the life of pipeline. The Challenge become extraordinary since Indonesia located on the ring of fire, this pipeline cross one of the active thrust. On 11 Oct 2018 major earthquake happened with magnitude 6.4. The center of the earthquake only 20 km from these Pipeline. This Paper will elaborate the condition of the longest and the most challenging subsea pipeline in Indonesia and how company overcome the situation in order to maintain the integrity of Pipeline.

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