Key factors for successful communication of infrastructure projects - and their impact on strategy and tools
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Daniel Hitschfeld
Daiel Hitschfeld
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Infrastructure projects are subject to public perception and a growing demand for information and involvement, not only in Germany. This applies in the areas of gas or energy in general, but also in transport, industry, real estate and many other sectors. Plans and projects of companies in the private sector are affected as well as those of public institutions. There is a wide range of possibilities how these projects and their sponsors are seen by the public, from protest amongst few stakeholder groups to a positive dialogue on universally accepted projects. Depending on the scope and stage, different options for positioning projects in the public debate can be chosen. This lecture deals with the step-by-step development of communication strategies, instruments and formats with regard to the interests and demands of project sponsors as well as stakeholders in politics and society. The core questions are:
  • Which are the key factors for a successful public dialogue?
  • How can they be considered in different project phases (e.g. planning or construction) or situations with limited room for manoeuvre?
  • Who are key stakeholders and how can they be involved?
Additionally, a selection of established instruments and practical experiences from different projects and sectors will be presented.