Method Comparsion Between Horizontal Directional Drilling, Microtunneling, Shields with Partical Face Extraction and Easy Pipe
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Dr. Hans-Jürgen John
Dr. Hans-Jürgen John
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Underground crossingprojects with every kind of pipelines are always a special challenge for the consultants and contractors. Whether you crossing a seaway, railway, freeway or other kind of barriers, you need much more time for the planning and the risk for the execution of construction is higher as for the conventional part of the complete site. Further the focuses are often time-critical.
The current technologies are:
  • horizontal directional drilling (hdd)
  • microtunneling (mt)
  • shields with partical face extraction (rts)
In the following the author will present you the EASY PIPE – method.

This new method joined approved technologies of the above mentioned procedures and combine innovative ideas.

EASY PIPE is the new sure tunnelling system for every geology and route variation.

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