OMEGA Fiber Optic Monitoring System: New Features for Technological Security of Transneft Pipelines
Dr. Aleksey Turbin
Aleksey Turbin
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Since 2009 the OMEGA Company develops and produces multifunctional monitoring systems for extended facilities indicating in online mode oil, oil products and gas leaks as far as third party activity in the protected zone using a fiberoptic cable (FOC) as sensing element. Implementing distributed acoustic and temperature sensors the Leak Detection and Activity Control System (OMEGA LDACS) provides precise detection of location and nature of vibrations and change of temperature characteristics on and around extended facilities. The leaks are detected through analysis of fluctuations both in the temperature and vibroacoustic field.

Having equipped more than 6000 km of pipelines with OMEGA LDACS in Russia and abroad the Company is in permanent search of ways of improvement of the FOC monitoring technologies. The newest LDACS feature is the implication of the artificial neural network for more precise identification of potentially dangerous events registered by the system. Another option in the equipment of LDACS with additional pressure and displacement sensors.

The main feature to be developed in coming years in the implementation in OMEGA LDACS of artificial neural networks for better recognition of events registered by the system.

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