Asoe Hose Manufacturing


Asoe Hose Manufacturing Inc. is not only a manufacturer of hose and pipes, but also a provider of different kinds of hose&pipe solution. In 2013, ASOE bring its’ hose into trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology. 
Now we are one of the most professional trenchless solution providers in China. We have varieties of solutions for pressure pipes and gravity pipes. 
For pressure pipeline, such as water main or gas pipe, we provide Pipe-in Liner™ Fabric Reinforced Flexible Plastic Pipe solution. This kind of solution could repair pipe diameter from DN50 to DN1200, pressure rating up to 4.2Mpa. 
For gravity pipeline, such as storm pipe or sewage pipe, we provide FFPP™ Folded and Formed Plastic Pipe solution. It’s a factory-made modified PVC Liner, very easy to install. 
For civil engineering, we provide pipe bypass solution and temporary quick dewater solution. 
We have experienced engineering team for on-site support or pre-installation technical support. Before installation, please look for our support team to get some advises, if it is necessary, ASOE will send technicians to assist you to successfully finish your project.