Company bio: Feromihin, founded in 1992 in Croatia, is a leading company specializing in oil and gas pipeline maintenance. We offer two cutting-edge IT solutions:

Asset Management System (AMS): AMS is a robust tool for monitoring and managing company resources. It tracks assets, streamlines preventive maintenance, manages work orders, optimizes spare materials, and offers detailed reporting. AMS stands out with its license-free and central server-based approach, making it intuitive and cost-effective.

AYMO - Pipeline Integrity Management System: AYMO is a modern software designed for pipeline operators and integrity engineers. It offers comprehensive functionalities, including real-time monitoring, corrosion growth prediction, documentation management, and repair planning. AYMO is globally accessible and supports SAAS and VPN. Key benefits include predictive analytics, reduced repair time, cost optimization, and environmental protection.

Feromihin's solutions empower companies to enhance equipment efficiency, streamline resource management, improve safety and compliance, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of equipment. Our flexible solutions cater to both small and large businesses, ensuring efficient resource management and operational excellence.