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The company Feromihin specializes in the complex tasks of consulting, procurement, installation, maintenance and servicing of transport systems for oil pipelines, gas pipelines and pipelines.
By following trends in the oil and gas industry, the company has embarked on the development of its own eLBC (Line-break control device) , pipeline integrity management system – AYMO, Asset Integrity Management System - AMS and Calibration device for LBC under the brand name „RIKI“

• AYMO – software platform for pipeline integrity management. It offers a unique and modern solution for the gas and oil industry in terms of pipeline monitoring, anomaly detection, corrosion growth prediction, repair and maintenance planning, and keeping complete documentation related to a particular pipeline or network.
Key benefits of “AYMO” software:
● Anticipates and simulates critical points in the future and prevents them immediately.
● Maintains updated infrastructure information.
● Corrosion growth control.
● Repair plan creation process reduced from 3 weeks to 3 hours.
● Finds optimal cost of repairs through proposed repair method.
● Postpones the upcoming inspections due to predictive analytics.