Europe’s biggest pipeline conference and exhibition with additional focus on supply networks
Wed, 04/06/2016 - 11:13
For more than 10 years, the international pipeline community meets annually at the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc). The highly international event gathers more than 500 delegates from 50 different countries in Berlin. Participants are coming from all the relevant technology and service providers and a wide range of international pipeline operators. More than 100 delegates from 50 different pipeline operators attended ptc 2015 in order to talk about their specific requirements. In 2016 the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) will take place in parallel to the new Pipe and Sewer Conference (PASC). Both shows will share the same exhibition hall. All delegates are free to move between 15 technical sessions and a scientific advances poster session, in total with more than 100 different presentations. The unique gathering of pipeline, pipe and sewer professional from all over the world will create a multitude of synergies and furthers the exchange of experience across borders and transported media. The upcoming 11th Pipeline Technology Conference together with the 1st Pipe and Sewer Conference will take place from 23-25 May 2016 at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany. Following the conference and exhibition, several company workshops and technical seminars will take place directly after the event. More information is available online at /

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