Pipeline Integrity, Technology, and Security Addressed in Europe
In the wake of a constantly aging pipeline infrastructure and the current crisis in Ukraine it is more important than ever to discuss security of pipelines across Europe and world-wide. Without an integrated technology-driven approach along the whole life-cycle, pipeline operators like the German Open Grid Europe would not have been able to run sections of their pipeline network for up to 100 years in a failure-free operation. Lessons learned regarding materials, construction, monitoring, inline inspection and repair measures are manifold. The 10th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) scheduled to be held on June 8-10, 2015 in Berlin, Germany will discuss this and new developments in the areas of inline inspection, leak detection, corrosion protection, compressor stations and pumping stations, construction procedures, material issues and integrity management. Main topics will include “Challenging Pipelines”, "Pipeline Materials" and “Offshore Technologies”. The "Call for Papers" closes on 30 November 2014. For more information visit www.pipeline-conference.com. The previous conference held in May 2014 brought over 420 participants from 42 different nations together to discuss information from nearly 70 presentations on the latest trends in design, construction, operation and maintenance of onshore and offshore pipelines. Delegations from 50 different international pipeline operators attended the conference. In addition, the show featured 41 leading suppliers in pipeline integrity products and services.

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