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Course Content

1 Onshore and Offshore Pipelines

1.1 Terminologies (piggable vs. unpiggable, challenging and difficult to inspect)
1.2 Scenarios (Accessibility, Is external inspection an option?)

  • Onshore scenarios (CUI, external sheeting, Casings, Materials)
  • Offshore scenarios
    - Riser – (Static Riser, Catenary Risers, Flexible Risers)
    - Flowlines and unpiggable subsea pipelines

2 Methods of Inspection

2.1 Inspection Technology

  • Electromagnetic Technology (MEC, PEC, Eddy Current, etc.)
  • UT Technology (TOFD, EMAT, etc.)
  • Others (Radiography, optical,...)

2.2 Operation of inspection tools

  • Deployment of external inspection equipment Offshore and Onshore
  • Internal inspection using
    - Crawler, How to propel, How to get back
    - Tethered tools
  • External Inspection, How to get through the coating? How to scan long distances

3 Preparation

  • Planning (Who is involved, What to do at what time)
  • Cleaning (Internal vs. External Cleaning)
  • Deployment (LARS, Navigation, etc)

4 Inspection Solutions

4.1 Actual Solutions of various vendors

Registration Deadline

15 February 2021

Mode of Presentation

The seminar will be held online.

Target Group: 
One day course, No special prerequisites, but technical understanding. Target Group: Onshore and Offshore Integrity Engineers working with Operators, Integrity Consultants, Service Providers and Classification/Certification Bodies.
Seminar Timing: 
15 March 2021

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