Title Presenter Company Conference
A Proposal Procedure to Estimate the Hydrogen Induced Cracking Growth Rate Jorge Luis González Velázquez Mexico National polytechnic Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Advanced Eddy Current Array Tools for Stress Corrosion Cracking Direct Assessment on Pipelines Mathieu Bouchard Canada Eddyfi Technologies Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Advances in In-Field ILI Indication and Material Verification Phill Robson Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Assessment of Seam integrity of an aging petroleum pipeline constructed with Low Frequency ERW line pipes J.P. Sinha India Indian Oil Corporation Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Axial strain capacity of line pipe subjected to combined loading conditions - An experimental approach in full-scale dimension: LiSA Dr. Steffen Zimmermann Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
BERG-LAY®: A New Production Method for CRA Lined Steel Pipe Based on Sheet Metal Dr. Ulrich Schnaut Germany Bergrohr Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Building the Fluid Highways of the future - the Long Pipes, Fluid Highway, development program so far Neil Graham Australia Long Pipes Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Case Study On Environmental Cracking Resistance Assessment Of Welded Segments Of An Interconnecting Sour Gas Feed Pipeline Reza Ghorbani Iran South Pars Gas Complex Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Challenges in Producing Line Pipe for the Nord Stream Project and Connecting Lines Dr. Christoph Kalwa Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Challenges of a large Offshore Project from a line pipe manufacturers view Christian Kassel Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Challenges of converting existing natural gas network including high grade steel pipelines for hydrogen service Victoria Monsma Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
CoiFlatLine - A game changing approach to ultradeepwater pipeline Philippe Nobileau France MARINOVATION Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Collapse testing and analysis of JCO-E steel pipes Prof. Spyros Karamanos Greece University of Thessaly Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Complex Research Of Metal Properties Of Long-Lived Pipes Of The Main And Technological Pipelines Sergei Skorodumov Russia Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI LLC) Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Considerations on the Risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Pipeline Steel due to Cathodic Overprotection Dr. Hanns-Georg Schöneich Germany Open Grid Europe Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Controlling Product Quality by Accurate Process Control in EUROPIPE’s High Performance UOE Pipe Mill Dr. Christoph Kalwa Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Corrosion-resistant plastic pipes with permeation barrier for safe transport of contaminated fluids from industrial processes or exploration Dr. Thorsten Späth Germany egeplast international Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Deep fracture profile effect on DWT Test for pipeline characterization Matteo Minotti Italy Del Politecnico Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Defect Tolerance of the Bond Line of Electric Welded Pipe – Test Data and Fracture Mechanics Assessments Neil Gallon Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Design And Qualifications For The Highest Temperature Subsea Heat-Traced Pipeline Frederico Orberg France ITP InTerPipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Detection of Defects in Spiral/Helical Pipes Using RF Technology Dr. Wissam Alobaidi United States University of Arkansas at Little Rock Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Development and Production of Large-Diameter Line Pipe for Offshore Applications Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
Effect of welding defects on mechanical properties and fatigue life of girth welds of X80 steel pipe Lihua Qi China Tubular Goods Research Center of CNPC Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Effectiveness of cathodic protection under disbonded coatings: On the implications of shielding conditions on the integrity of pipelines Dr. Markus Büchler Switzerland Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Elimination of Pearlite-Ferrite Band Using Soft Reduction During Continuous Casting of Api 5l X 65 Steel Sadik Yetkin Turkey isdemir Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Engineered Polyamide 12 (PA12) liner for steel pipe rehabilitation and CO2 transportation under challenging conditions Silvia Helena Torrado Duran Germany Evonik Operations Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Enhancement of Mechanical Properties in High Strength Steels Coils for ERW Casing and Tubing Application Kwangseop Ro Saudi Arabia Saudi European Petrochemical Company (IBN ZAHR) Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
EPRG - Research for Pipeline Safety Dr. Gerhard Knauf Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Examining the repair capability of composites on crack or crack-like features Casey Whalen United States CSNRI Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Existing Pipeline Materials and the Transition to Hydrogen Neil Gallon Switzerland ROSEN Group Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Experimental and numerical investigations on the fracture behavior of an API 5L X100M base material and weldings Dr. Andreas Horn Austria voestalpine Böhler Welding Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Exploration of Physical and Chemical Properties of Steel of Long-Operated Pipelines and Estimation of their Remaining Safe Service Life Pavel Revin Russia Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI LLC) Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
First Full-scale Deployment of Nonmetallic Piping in a Newly Developed Oil Field Increment at Saudi Aramco Abdulelah Almehlisi Saudi Arabia Saudi Aramco Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Flaw Acceptance Criteria for Thin Walled Offshore Pipelines Dr. Cosmas Vlattas Italy Saipem Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
HAZ Physical Simulation of API5L X80 Pipeline Steel Prof. Ivani de S. Bott Brazil Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro/PUC-Rio Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
HAZ Properties of Nb containing high strength pipeline steels Dr. Jörg Wiebe Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2017
Heavy Wall UOE SAWL Pipes for Ultra Deep Water and Sour Service Application Fábio Arroyo Brazil Tenaris Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Helipipe - All Metal Composite Pipeline Structure Nigel Wright United Kingdom ITI Energy Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
High Grade Steel Pipeline for Long Distance Projects at Intermediate Pressure Luca Prandi Italy eni Gas & Power Division Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
High Strength Large Diameter UOE Line Pipes Optimised for Application in Remote Areas and Low-Temperature Service Dr. Charles Stallybrass Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Infrared Heat for Innovative Pipeline Production Ian Bartley United Kingdom Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Intelligent Pipe Systems via the Smart Combination of Various Materials Dr. Thorsten Späth Germany egeplast international Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Investigation of the mechanical properties of single-pass hybrid laser-arc welded thick X120 pipeline steel plates Ömer Üstündag Germany Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Large Stand-off Magnetometry (LSM) for buried pipelines inspection : Experimental study of the influence of dent depth on the residual magnetic signal Samir Takillah France SKIPPER NDT Pipeline Technology Conference 2020
Line Break Detection System Analysis is Critical to Safer, More Economic Gas Pipeline Operations Carlos Lorusso Argentinia Tyco Flow Control Argentina Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Material Selection and Integrity Assessment of Sour Gas & Hydrogen Pipelines Jens Tronskar Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Materials Design, Selection and Failure of Monolithic Isolating Joints in High Temperature and Pressure Discharge Lines Jorge Esteban Araujo-Osorio Mexico Instituto Politécnico Nacional-E.S.I.Q.I.E. Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Meeting the Challenge - EUROPIPE Prepares for Hydrogen Pipelines Dr. Christoph Kalwa Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Opportunities to Access the Benefits of High-frequency Welded (HFW) Pipes for a Wider Scope of Oil and Gas Industry Applications Dr. Timur Tadjiev United Kingdom Wood Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
PA12 - A New Material For Onshore, Offshore And Subsea Applications Markus Hartmann Germany Evonik Industries Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
PE Pipelines – Improvement of Productivity and Safety Using Mobile VFT Welding Trac`s Sebastian Schwarzer Germany VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Pigging Sealing Disc Failure Analysis Khajornkai Kitisiri Thailand PTT Public Company Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
Spec Breaks: Application of Codes for Launchers and Receivers Neil McKnight United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Strain Rate Effect on Strength and Orientation Effect on Toughness of Modern High-Strength Pipe Steels Su Xu Canada CanmetMATERIALS Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Study of fuel transportation polychloroprene pipes degradation. Proposal of a characteristic stress endurance model Prof. Amar Ayache Algeria Algerian Petroleum Institute Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
System pressure test for offshore pipelines - Are there alternatives? Asle Venas Norway DNV Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
The Art of Looking: An In-Line Inspection Perspective Dr. Mike Kirkwood United States T.D. Williamson Pipeline Technology Conference 2019
The European Pipeline Research Group: Recent Research Activities Directed Towards Improved Pipeline Safety and Reliability Dr. Gerhard Knauf Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
The Innovation of Steel Spring Technology: Full Encirclement Laminated Steel Sleeve Systems Engineered for Repairs and Augmentation of Pipelines Shawn Laughlin United States Pipe Spring Pipeline Technology Conference 2021
Two Curves Method For Crack Arrest In Pipes Based On CTOA Guy Pluvinage Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
View of a Pipe Manufacturer to the Developments for Linepipe Material Dr. Hans-Georg Hillenbrand Germany EUROPIPE Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Volume Loss, A New Parameter In Assessment Of Remaining Strength Of Pitting Corroded Steel Pipes Mojtaba Mokhtari Australia University of Newcastle Pipeline Technology Conference 2018

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