Title Presenter Company Conference
Analysis of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Patching Result on Flowline Pipe Ari Antono Indonesia Kondur Petroleum Pipeline Technology Conference 2013
Assuring the Integrity of Subsea Pipeline Butt Welds through Design, Construction and Operational Life. Harry Cotton United Kingdom Wood Group Kenny Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Case Study On Environmental Cracking Resistance Assessment Of Welded Segments Of An Interconnecting Sour Gas Feed Pipeline Reza Ghorbani Iran South Pars Gas Complex Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Cold Metal Transfer - CMT - A Revolution in Mechanized Root Pass Pipeline Welding Ryan Fokens United States CRC-Evans Automatic Welding Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Deformation behaviour of HFI-welded pipes – some examples of present applications – Dr. Holger Brauer Germany Mannesmann Line Pipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Developments in Pipeline Welding Using Advanced Vision and Control Dr. R. J. Beattie United Kingdom Meta Vision Systems Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Effect of welding defects on mechanical properties and fatigue life of girth welds of X80 steel pipe Lihua Qi China Tubular Goods Research Center of CNPC Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Effects of Reeling on the Mechanical Properties of HFI Welded Pipes Dr. Scott McCann United Kingdom Corus Tubes Pipeline Technology Conference 2009
Experimental and numerical investigations on the fracture behavior of an API 5L X100M base material and weldings Dr. Andreas Horn Austria voestalpine Böhler Welding Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
Hybrid laser Arc Welding for The Production of Longitudinally Welded Pipes Dr. Sergej Gook Germany Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
Innovative Welding Technology in Pipeline Construction Ralf Prior Germany PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Integrity of longitudinal welds on bends – choice of relevant test methods Dr. Marion Erdelen-Peppler Germany Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung Pipeline Technology Conference 2016
Laser GMA Hybrid Girth Welding Technologies for Transmission Pipelines Prof. Dr. Steffen Keitel Germany Schweißtechnische Lehr-und Versuchsanstalt Halle GmbH Pipeline Technology Conference 2010
Material-adapted and process-reliable multi-wire submerged arc welding of large-diameter pipes Dr. Sergej Gook Germany Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Mechanical behavior of metal loss in heat affected zone of welded joints in low carbon steel pipes Prof. Martín J. Fernández C. Mexico Tuxtepec Institute of Technology Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Multi-Stage Weld Repair of Offshore Pipelines Dr. Cosmas Vlattas Italy Saipem Pipeline Technology Conference 2014
New Product and Method for In-Trench Pipeline Support and Support for Stringing and Welding Geoff Connors Canada PipeSak Pipeline Products Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Offshore Application of HFI-Pipes - Production and Properties Dr. Hendrik Löbbe Germany Mannesmann Line Pipe Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Optimization Of Conjugate Heat Transfer In The Electrofusion Joint Using Taguchi Method Aref Rajabi Iran Aazad University of Sari Pipeline Technology Conference 2018
Parameters & Survey Techniques Used for Operating and Maintaining the Integrity of 55 Years Old High Pressure Thin Walled Seam Welded Gas Pipelines Mustafa Abdulla Pakistan Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Pipeline Technology Conference 2007
PE Pipelines – Improvement of Productivity and Safety Using Mobile VFT Welding Trac`s Sebastian Schwarzer Germany VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2022
Polyethylene Pipeline Systems - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Fusion Welding Dr. Chris O'Connor United Kingdom GL Noble Denton Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Remotely Controlled Hyperbaric Welding of Subsea Pipelines Hans Fostervoll Norway SINTEF Materials and Chemistry Pipeline Technology Conference 2011
Technical safety and welding simulation of welding work on high-pressure gas pipelines in operation Andreas Raschke Germany ONTRAS Gastransport Pipeline Technology Conference 2015
The Recent Results of the Experiments on the VPL Laser Welding System Eginhard Vietz Germany VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2008
The VPL® Fiber Laser System - an Innovation in the Welding Technology for Pipeline Construction Eginhard Vietz Germany VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2006
Transfer of Welding Technologies from Offshore to Onshore Pipeline Construction Julien Blondeel France Serimax Pipeline Technology Conference 2012
Welding Methods Applied in Pipeline Construction, Regarded under the Aspect of Economic Efficiency Eginhard Vietz Germany VIETZ Pipeline Equipment Pipeline Technology Conference 2007

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