Additional functionalities of model based leak detection systems to improve pipeline safety and efficiency
Kai Brünenberg
Kai Brünenberg, Daniel Vogt, Max Ihring
Part of the proceedings of

The main purpose of a leak detection system is of course the reliable and sensitive detection and localization of leaks in a pipeline. Nevertheless certain systems such as those that are based on a pipeline model (e.g. E-RTTM based system, i.e. extended real-time transient model) deliver additional information of the pipeline operation and behavior. This includes for example information used for Predictive Maintenance of pipeline segments, survival time analysis of gas pipelines and Predictive Modeling.

After a short introduction of the leak detection model and its adaption to a pipeline, the paper describes how such a model is used for Predictive Modeling. The basic principle is presented and it will be explained how such a system can be implemented on pipelines and pipeline networks. Furthermore it will be shown how the system’s capability of forecasting benefits pipeline operation and maintenance activities. Finally a real example will be presented of how predictive modeling is set up on a gas pipeline network and how it is practically used to improve pipeline operation.

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