Advanced Pipeline Inspection Utilizing Ultrasound: Special Applications
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Dr. Michael Beller
A. Barbian, Dr. Michael Beller, U. Schneider
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Today in-line inspection tools are used routinely to assess the integrity and fitness-for-purpose of high pressure pipelines. Ultrasound technology provides the means to obtain quantitative, highly accurate and reliable inspection data for pipelines.

Latest advances in technology and tool design have enabled the implementation of a modular concept, whereby inspection tools can be specifically configured for inspection tasks such as combined metal loss and crack inspection, pitting inspection, girth weld inspection or the inspection of spirally welded pipe.

In addition advancements in electronic design have led to marked enhancements regarding axial- and depth resolution. Combined with higher speed capabilities than previous generations of ultrasound tools, this has significantly extended the range of application, offering quantitative and high accuracy data for defects geometries not previously covered.

This paper will introduce and discuss these technical improvements, which have been proven and verified in the field in numerous, recent inspection projects.

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