The analysis of the impact of falling objects on buried pipelines
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Dr. Henk Kruse
H.M.G. Kruse and D. Nugroho
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Pipelines are the lifelines of our modern society, but they can also lead to risks in case the pipelines are used for transportation of potentially dangerous chemical substances. The damage of such pipelines may than affect the safety of the surrounding area. Depending on the area where the pipeline is located potentially falling objects may be a serious risk for damage to the pipeline. There are numerous possibilities in which a falling object might have an effect on a buried pipeline in which dangerous chemical substances are transported. The impact of a falling object on a buried pipeline was for long time difficult to model. In the past, the calculations for falling objects on pipelines have been carried out in sequential steps. The disadvantage of this stepwise analysis is the summation of worst case assumptions and the summation of safety factors in each analysis. Nowadays, analysis methods using finite element packages in which the falling object, the soil and the pipeline are modelled are available for a dynamic analysis. This paper describes how the impact of a falling electricity pylon on an adjacent buried gas pipeline can be modelled using a coupled model based on Abaqus software

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