Leveraging the transformative role of technology and data utilization within the United States oil and gas pipeline industry to bolster safety and mitigate risks.
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Erin McKay
Erin McKay, Dennis Kuhn
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This presentation explores the transformative role of technology and data utilization within the United States oil and gas pipeline industry to enhance safety and mitigate risks while adhering to stringent regulations and standards. Led by compliance experts Erin McKay and Dennis Kuhn, this presentation showcases a comprehensive approach to pipeline compliance, incorporating modern search technology to identify, apply, implement, and assess requisite compliance program elements.

A central focus of the presentation is the access to an extensive repository of pipeline compliance data and guidance, derived from United States Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations, standards, guidance and curated resources. This allows users to quickly sift through and eliminate non-relevant data, identify critical trends and potential violations, enabling proactive risk reduction.

One of the key innovations highlighted is the development of a streamlined search process, resulting in more accurate results. This improved efficiency grants users a competitive advantage while also delivering substantial time and cost savings for organizations. Consequently, it empowers stakeholders to identify and address compliance issues swiftly, reducing inherent risks associated with pipeline operations while complying with United States regulatory mandates.

The presentation underscores the pivotal role of accessible supporting information, integrated seamlessly with PHMSA and state program regulations. Technology facilitates rapid access to relevant data and guidance, facilitating well-informed decision-making and enhancing safety measures, all within the framework of United States regulatory requirements.

In summary, the integration of technology and data-driven strategies is revolutionizing compliance management. By embracing these advancements, stakeholders are not only minimizing risks but also fortifying safety programs, ensuring the longevity of pipeline assets in an ever-evolving landscape. Erin McKay and Dennis Kuhn will offer valuable insights on initiating each stage, addressing common challenges, advocating for continuous improvement, and reinforcing the industry's commitment to safety and risk reduction.

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