Surge protection for insulating joints – suitable spark gaps and evaluation of the installation
Manfred Kienlein
Manfred Kienlein
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Insulating joints are used to electrically isolate pipeline systems or to electrically divide those pipeline sections affected by high voltages. The insulating joints remain isolated until the dielectric strength of the insulating joint is reached. The dielectric strength of insulation joints may be exceeded as a result of surges caused by a lightning strike to exposed parts of a pipeline system. This can lead to open sparks, destruction of the insulating joint and costly repair work.

Ex isolating spark gaps with suitable connection technology have the job of protecting the insulating joint against surges by discharging them without sparks.

The selection of suitable Ex isolating spark gaps and connection technology depends on various technical factors.

Practical solutions for the selection of suitable Ex isolating spark gaps, including connection technology, and for the evaluation of existing installations will be presented.

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