The Application of GIS and CARE-W on Water Distribution Networks in Skärholmen Pressure Zone, Stockholm, Sweden

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05 Sep 2016
Tao Zhang
Tao Zhang
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Cities all over Europe spend in total about 1 billion Euro per year for urban network rehabilitation. This amount is supposed to increase in the coming years. Urban infrastructure management is becoming more and more important for cities around the world. This paper presents the integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Computer Aided Rehabilitation on Water Networks (CARE-W) in management of water distribution networks and the rehabilitation planning. An advanced idea is to pay more attention on pro- active approaches and to use predictive analysis to achieve long-term economic efficiency.
The necessary maps for analysis were collected from Stockholm Water Company. A spatial database was designed and created using related database analysis approaches for this project. A number of GIS operation and analysis and CARE-W tools have been used to calculate International Water Association Performance Indicators and do the failure forecasting. Results obtained were displayed in GIS maps, tables, and graphics. It has been proved that GIS is a competent and effective tool for managing networks. Moreover CARE-W, designed as a professional tools for water network planning and rehabilitation, has been proven to be useful. The project has been carried out in Skärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

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