Challenges In The Construction And Installation Of Pipelines Gathering System - Refinery Abreu E Lima, Brazil
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Flavio Alexandre Silva
Flavio Alexandre Silva, Ulisses Dias Amado
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After 30 years since the last Refinery has been built in Brazil, PETROBRAS decided to implement a new plant, situated 7 km away from SUAPE port, at IPOJUCA-PE, northeast of BRAZIL, with refination capacity of 230,000 bpd, focused on decreased diesels importation and maximize the use of heavy oil crude (less then 16º API). Together the units of the plant, the challenge was to build the gathering system consisting a set of 12 parallel new pipelines 8 to 46” ID, all located in the same right of way in which the constructive challenges of crossing flooded areas, mangroves and roads. This required a combined effort of the Contractor, PETROBRAS and other stakeholders to seek differentiated and unusual solutions. Based on this scenario, the proposed objective of this work is, in general, a broad overview of execution of the work, its good practices used, and some solutions for building and assembly capable of enabling the execution of work, considering the aspects of excellence occupational safety, health and environment.

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