Challenges of Nord Stream 2 for Chelpipe
Anton Gizatullin
Anton Gizatullin, Trond Gjedrem
Part of the proceedings of

The paper is prepared by PJSC «Chelpipe» (line pipe manufacturer) in cooperation with Nord Stream 2 A.G.

This paper describes challenges that Chelpipe has faced during production for Nord Stream 2 and achieved results.

Mostly it is dedicated to the technical challenges that Chelpipe faced during preparation to the project and participating in this project, and the ways Chelpipe solved them.

Most of the challenges were caused by tough requirements of the project. They include, but not limited to:

- out-of-roundness requirements;

- requirements to the external and internal coating;

- pre-qualification and qualification requirements.

The paper also describes production of non-standard and new products. Production of buckle arrestors and transition pieces was challenging for Chelpipe, as it is a non-core product for a pipe manufacturer.

Production of low temperature steel pipes was another challenge, as the requirements to base material and weld metal mechanical properties could not be ensured with conventional steel and welding process. To resolve the issue Chelpipe performed a huge research work in-house and with their plate suppliers, which resulted in low temperature steel plate and multi-pass submerged arc welding process.

Chelpipe and its daughter company JSC Pipeline Bends participated in the hot induction bend qualification under the project. In-house research and work performed allowed Chelpipe to pass the qualification successfully.

Apart from the technical challenges the paper also considers overall organizational issues and project management challenges, which are complicated logistics, document control, pipe tracking and reporting, and project team work

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