Coatings removal by Induction– A new approved method for use on pipes and active pipelines
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Hans Petter Engejordet
Hans Petter Engejordet
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The RPR Induction Technology is a new revolutionary method for fast and clean removal of coatings from steel substrates. It works by moving an induction head over the surface, transferring energy to the steel for a controlled heating of the surface (150-200°C) before easily scraping off coatings with thickness up to 20-25 mm. On flat and easily accessible surfaces, removal rates up to 30-40 m2/hr can be achieved. The RPR system has patented safety features that eliminates the risk of overheating the steel, being approved for use on live oil- and gas pipelines that often are coated with hazardous and/or difficult to remove coatings.

Induction coatings removal method versus conventional methods

Typically, coatings are removed by using sandblasting or ultra-high-pressure (UHP) water jets. These methods require a lot of time, energy and logistic handling of grit or water. Moreover, they are noisy with much wear and tear. The induction method is silent and robust with a minimum of emissions or maintenance required.

Work on pipes and live pipelines

The RPR Induction System has proved very effective on pipes and live pipeline projects around the world. It efficiently and safely removes coatings such as Rubber, Coal Tar, Ebonite and 3LPE/3LPP with thickness up to 25 mm. The working radius from the main unit is up to 100m, allowing a flexible and efficient operation.

Environmental benefits

The induction coatings removal process is cost effective and does not produce additional grit or water waste, yielding great potential for savings in logistics and for the environment, especially when working in remote areas.  The coating comes off easily in strips or pieces that can be bagged for disposal without risk of contamination to air, ground or water.  

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