Construction of pipelines in steep terrain with cable crane systems
Joachim Seyr
Joachim Seyr
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Cable crane systems provide the ideal solution when pipelines need to be built in inaccessible terrain. Pipes, construction material and equipment can be transported easily over demanding areas and be positioned at any point of the track. With a max. length of over 3.000 m and a payload of up to 20 metric tons cable cranes can be operated in any type of steep terrain.

A cable crane system moves loads, suspended in mid-air over all kinds of terrain. The motorized crane unit can lift and lower loads at any point along the cable crane line. Furthermore, the crane unit consists of two separate lifting units, i.e. that pipes can be positioned precisely in inclined areas and be fitted easily into the welding clamp without any additional equipment.

With these systems, the impact on the environment can be kept as low as possible. Construction material and pipes can be transported to the designated point without any damage to natural habitats. Furthermore, the number of necessary roads can be reduced, and the route optimized, i.e. direct positioning over the pipeline trench.

Cable Cranes, with special adaptation, can also be used for manpower transportation to grant the personnel a safe access to the job site at the slope. In such cases, a cabin is attached to the cable crane which can be lowered and lifted at any position along the slope.

For safety purposes, cable cranes can also be used as an emergency rescue system to evacuate the manpower from the hill site or during an incident or accident along the track of the system.

Moreover, cable crane systems are independent of climatic conditions such as snow, fog, heavy rain etc. Additionally, they can adapt perfectly to territorial challenges, for example to overcome curves on the ROW by using horizontal bend systems.

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