Development of a Remote Cathodic Protection Potential Measuring System Based on IoT
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Dr. Young-don Ryou
Young-don Ryou, Jin-han Lee, Young-do Jo, Jin-jun Kim, Min-sung Seo
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For buried gas pipelines, cathodic protection systems shall be installed to protect against corrosion. The measurements of pipe-to-soil potentials for the gas pipelines should be carried out at the test box at least once a year according to the KGS Code(Korea Gas Safety Code) in Korea. The test boxes of the natural gas distribution pipelines are usually located on the driveway in urban area, therefore, it is difficult to measure the pipe-to-soil potentials on the road. That is, traffic control is needed when carrying out the measurements of the pipe-to-soil potentials on daytime, or measurements of the pipe-to-soil potentials at the test box located on the driveway have to be carried out in the late night when the traffic is light. We have developed the solid-state reference electrodes for the first time in Korea. And then we have developed a remote potential monitoring system using the solid reference electrode and the wireless communication technology for the purpose of removing above problems. We have installed the developed solid reference electrodes under the test boxes located at a pipeline test bed(site) and monitored the pipe-to-soil potentials by wireless communication. Measured potential values were transferred to the web server in office by LTE and analyzed. We have found the pipe-to-soil potentials transferred to the web server make no difference to the potentials measured directly on the site. We have also tested the remote measuring system for the pipe-to-soil potentials using the data-logger and the patrol car. We have confirmed that the system receive the data correctly from the data-logger installed under the test box when the car is moving on the road at more than 60km/h speed.

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