Dhatec Certification Program for Pipe Protection Products
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Bernadet Gijsbers
Bernadet Gijsbers and Idsart van Assema
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For pipe-end protection, Dhatec develops and manufactures different pipe closures and bevel protectors. In this submarket of the supply chain no quality standard is set. With the broad competition in this field of pipe protection, a variety of qualities is available. Cost attractive solutions are often made of very poor quality which do not control the quality of the pipes. Because of the lack of a norm it is impossible to establish the quality or poverty of a cap and it cannot be measured against the standard. This leads to difficulties for project management to adapt the right pipe-end protection and closure into their project scopes. Dhatec wants to position itself as the number one supplier when it comes to quality and highly specialized pipe-end protection products. In order to confirm this desire Dhatec has set up a certification program with the well-known independent underwriters company TÜV-Nord. Dhatec and TÜV determined a test program in which three different tests are prescribed. In the first test all pipe closures were subject to external forces to measure their resistance against removal when applied on a pipe. To define to which degree the pipe-end and bevel is protected with the various solutions an impact test was done. The impact force for each pipe closure product was tested by dropping weight on a beveled pipe from an impact test tower. Finally, to determine the degree of protection against rain, dust and dirt, water- and dustproofness have been tested. In the various test cases the pipe closures and bevel protectors are test to their limits to demonstrate their capabilities. This certification program leads to a proper selection procedure for the right protective solution per project. The results can be matched with pre-determined requirements for pipe and coating. For project management of pipeline projects norms and standards become available which gives them the chance to choose the right pipe-end protection and include this important feature in the first project scope. When the functionality is shown and proved, thorough choices aimed on specific circumstances such as climate, duration of storage, type of pipe and coating can be made based on solid results. In the oil & gas industry higher standards of pipe protection will be achieved for this fundamental element regarding quality control of pipe and coating.

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