Electrification strategy for compression stations: challenges and benefits of gas turbine vs compression train replacement.
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Federica Furcas
Federica Furcas, Sebastien Baguet, Olivier Pellerin
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NOx and CO2 emissions concern are driving the electrification of pipeline compression stations in many parts of the world.

There are many options to reduce pollutant emissions associated to compression stations still the electrification is the best one when electrical power is available.

In Europe there have been many experiences of compression stations electrifications. The options that have been applied are the replacing of the gas turbine with an electric motor or the total replacement of the compression train with a conventional electric motor driven centrifugal compressor (EMCC) or integrated motor compressor in the green field.

The choice of the solution for the compression station electrification depends on several parameters equally important:

  • Space availability
  • Utility availability
  • Extent of construction works
  • Impact on operations
  • Safety requirements
  • Local environmental policies

This paper discusses the optimal strategies for compression station electrification presenting challenges and benefits of various solutions about CAPEX/OPEX and environmental impact.

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