Field Applied Coatings: Interaction with Cathodic Protection
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Luc Perrad
Luc Perrad
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The primary function of pipeline coatings is to insulate the steel surface physically and electrically from the environment. In other words, the coating must “shield” the steel from the electrolyte and thus from the cathodic protection.

On the other hand, published regulatory and industry documents (NACE and ISO) are stating that the coating should not prevent cathodic protection current from its intended path. In other words, the coating should not “shield” the cathodic protection.

The presentation is clarifying the often misunderstood and misrepresented following topics: Cathodic protection interaction with coatings and cathodic protection “shielding or non-shielding”.

It explains how the field applied Mesh Backed Coating system interferes at best with Cathodic Protection.

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