High-resolution in-line inspection of internally cement coated brine water pipelines
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Christoph Sur
Christoph Sur, Basil Hostage
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The corrosive process of brine water on carbon steel due to high NaCl concentrations is a well known phenomenon in the industry. This type of pipelines need to be internally coated in order to protect them from corrosion. One of the commonly used coatings is cement. This effective protection method does however make the pipelines to certain extent unpiggable, since common technologies such as MFL and UT are not applicable here. Both are not able to penetrate the cement layer and obtain useful data of the pipeline. With 3P Services’ self-invented DMR technology, the inspection of such pipelines is herewith possible. The data obtained is not only limited to the carbon steel underneath the cement liner, but also to the cement layer itself, as this layer can be examined for thickness variations or even missing cement spots. Many such pipelines have been successfully inspected using DMR Technology

This paper demonstrates the capability of the DMR Technology showing its applications, advantages and concept of work.

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